Scion of Idunn


AKA: No other monikers he responds to.

Physical Description:Subject is a tall, slender man who appears to be in his late twenties. Very frequently dirty under his fingernails. Dresses in semi-professional attire at all times, quite like a funeral director.

Identifying Marks: A large number of scars that cross most of his torso. Tattoo of a world tree that covers his back. Gold-toothed skull tattoo on right elbow. Letters KUSS on first knuckles of left hand.

Known Habits: Frequently cleans under nails with a blade.

Places Frequented: Catacombs

Abilities: WWII history buff, soldier, seiðmenn, and gardener.

Reaction to Spiders: Removes spiders from certain areas , but does not kill.

  • Former soldier of some kind


Cœur des Ténèbres Nicklaus