Charlotte Sabine

Mademoiselle Charlotte


AKA: Mademoiselle Charlotte, Mademoiselle Sabine

Physical Description: Subject in an inhuman woman with nearly translucent white skin, hair like snow, and delicate features. Always is in the most feminine of clothing, jeweled, and perfumed.

Identifying Marks: Unmarked but singular in appearance.

Known Habits: Fusses often with appearance. Often flutters eyelashes and waves hands in a coquettish manner.

Places Frequented: 38 Riv

Abilities: Socialite, lounge singer, and makeup artist.

Reaction to Spiders: Many shrill shrieks in horror.

  • Manifested in Haiti alongside the colonists.
  • Took to the Jazz scene at the beginning of it.
  • Has continued playing patron to the arts in Paris near exclusively since about 2000.

Charlotte Sabine

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