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Entering Boston

This is not the Paris you know. The City of Light is still glittering and beautiful from a fly over, but zooming in shows the differences. This is a world where the Inquisition made things quieter, but the divine seems to see the divine in all things. Trolls haunt the space beneath the somehow much wider and impossibly deep Seine. The kings and queens of faerie hold court with their beautiful places in the 7th arrondissment, while beggar-muses teach others their musical crafts to keep them from starving in the 19th arrandissement. Places like Parc Monceau have been fully restored to their glory, reflecting their rise in power of pantheons represented in the city Conversely, Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale was maintained by the Celestial Bureaucracy and has very nearly become a completely forgotten ruin within Vincennes.

The city is a hub for communities that range over the country. In Paris, you'll find a mix of many pantheons. The days of colonialism brought with it many gods and stranger things still. Expect to see both more than you would and strangely less in places. Toggle! Explore! It's a land of mysteries and many only have answers when applied to them.

City Wide Themes

The Themes of the City are a sense of isolation and perseverance. A sense of loneliness and hope. A sense of metamorphosis and change. You won't come out the same way you went in. Things won't be the same as you left them. But there is always the underlying sense of fight. You will get knocked down. It's up to you to stand back up.

Character Creation

A more in-depth look can be found here, but in general, once you have read over the wiki, you request a character sheet.  It is generic Scion character generation, plus any experience you have gathered from past characters. We ask that you consider points within the confines of your calling. Anything that seems odd or overly twinked for the story and hooks you've presented us will be questioned.


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