Simone Leblanc

Scion of Baron Samedi



Names: Simone Leblanc Pantheon: Loa Divine Parent: Baron Samedi Band: Crypt Keepers Apparent Age: Late Thirties Titles: The Great Arsonist, She Who Wears Smoke

Story Hooks

Fashion Mogul – Fashion Industry nods Commander of the Dead – Death, ghosts, and spectres Flaming Wreckage – Arsonist and prison past

One of the people who gives nods to start careers in fashion

Cheval, Darkness, Death, Fire, Psychopomp
Epic Manip, Epic Char, Epic App
Art, Command, Integrity, Presence
Trendsetter Knack

Simone Leblanc

Cœur des Ténèbres Nicklaus